Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pizza Muffins

The other day I planned a menu of Chicken Chili and Pizza Muffins. I reached for the bottle of white beans on the top shelf, and as I began to open the jar, I realized that the beans were full of holes. One thing I have learned in the jungle is that, where there are holes, there is a creature making the holes. I know the people who live here have a way of dealing with them when they are full of whatever bug eats beans, but I can't. So I threw them out. The nearest store that carries white beans is 30 kilometers away. I decided to make the muffins anyway. To begin with, the recipe was in grams. How many cups of flour are in 250 grams? I went to my computer and pulled up a conversion chart. No such conversion as grams to cups. Using a double formula of grams to pounds and pounds to cups, I eventually figured I was ready to begin. I keep the mozzarella frozen to prevent it from becoming blue cheese before I can use it. Fortunately, the other ingredients were straightforward. I decided to add a half green olive to the top of each for decoration, and I like the way it turned out. They tasted great hot from the oven ... with a pat of my butter/olive oil blend ... and would probably be best with a hot creamy thick soup like Lentil with Lemon grass.
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