Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wing NIght

You would think that in a country that consumes as much chicken as Guatemala, you would find chicken wings on every corner ... but no. Until recently, it was impossible to even buy a chicken wing that wasn't attached to a chicken breast ... which meant that in order to prepare Buffalo Wings for two, you would have to buy about a dozen chicken breasts and cut the wings off. You can see the problem. Anyway, I recently found a new "poultry lady" who, with some prior notice, can find me a few pounds of wings (without breasts). For several days I have been adding new wing recipes to my BigOven files (now there is a program that I can heartily recommend if one likes recipes and cooking!) and studying them and imagining them ... and finally decided to begin with three of my favorites ... Buffalo Wings (left), teriyaki wings (right) and crispy parmesan wings (center). Sunday seemed like the ideal day for wings, which can be eaten in front of the televised "futbal" games, so I prepared them for a late Sunday lunch today, and served them with small baked potatoes and a yogurt-chive sauce. All three of these recipes were relatively easy to prepare, require no long marinating time, and other than the wings themselves, oh yes, and the parmesan cheese, contain ingredients that are easy to obtain. I will definitely use these three recipes again.
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