Thursday, December 24, 2009

Using Ramon at Unificacion Maya

I have just finished the Unificacion Maya Ceremonies for another year.  It is pretty all-absorbing for the month of December, and I haven't been able to take even a moment for blogging.  However, it is over now, and I am determined to get back on my usual schedule.

This Pineapple-Ramon Upside Down Cake was the dessert for our second ceremony.

This cake was invented and baked by Doña Juana, the president of the Ix-canaan Women's Group.

We also had a Ramon Information Day.  After the ceremony at the Ixlu Archeological Site on Day 4, we went to the production facility for Nutri-Naturales, where they had prepared a snack of several items made from the ramon flour that they are producing.

They served a hot and a cold ramon beverage with ramon cookies, ramon sweet breads and these excellent ramon rolls (bollitos).


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