Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Gringo Perdido Favorite

Gringo Perdido is this beautiful little ecological hostel in the middle of the jungle that I have the great good fortune to manage. You can check it out at www.hotelgringoperdido.com. This dinner is one of the house favorites and is so popular amongst our guests that we usually serve it for their first night's dinner. It includes a traditional cole slaw with apples and raisins, a cream of brocoli soup, teriyaki chicken strips with garlic baked potatoes, vegetable rice and steamed carrots/guisquil. This feast is accompanied by Reina's home-made hot whole wheat bread and one of a variety of icy cold fruit drinks. Your desert is a fresh tangy tasty lemon meringue pie, served with strong Guatemalan coffee or Te de Santa Maria - a local jungle tea that is reminicent of anise.
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