Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Kitchen Toys 2

I have wanted one of these Immersion Blenders for ages. It looks so much easier to use than a blender, especially since you can take the blender to the food, rather than putting the food in the blender. I finally found the excuse to buy an Immersion Blender when I began learning soap making and discovered that this type of appliance is highly recommended for the small sized batches that I am working with. The biggest advantage is that you can do the blending in the main mixing bowl and you don't need to pour everything, batch by batch, into a normal blender. Finding an Immersion Blender here in the jungle, even with our new Walmart, was a bit of a challenge.

There were not a lot of different makes or models in Santa Elena to choose from ... as a matter of fact, we went to store after store asking for one ... miming the use of it for each salesman who gave us a totally blank look when we asked for an "immersion blender". I finally lucked out at the last possible store. After going through our usual mimed routine, the salesman's face lit up and he ran to find us the only one they had in stock! Fortunately, it is just what I need ... it is perfect!

This model comes with the handheld motor/blender that snaps easily and quickly onto its immersible blending unit or a small chopper. The blender stick blends well, as well as super fast and easy ... and the chopper is excellent for lots of small chopping and blending needs. The unit also includes a pitcher for blending liquids (definitely better than my blender for whipping up my fruit liquados). All the parts are easily cleaned and maintained. You will be seeing it appear in lots of upcoming recipes.

Blender on Foodista


Blender is good thing for every kitchen!! It helps in making food!! It is good time saver too!!

Looks like a neat blender! Good for you.

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