Saturday, March 21, 2009

Multi-Grain Cereal with Yogurt and Jungle Honey

One of the foods that I have missed a lot since living here in the jungle is a good whole grain cereal to eat for breakfast. Since the closest thing I can find in the local stores is oatmeal or cream of wheat, I decided long ago that the only way to solve this lack was to figure out how to make it myself.

I began a few years ago looking and asking about the grains and seeds that are available in the market.

Over the years I tried various blends and ways of cooking, but it wasn't until recently, when I bought a Crock Pot, that I finally hit on a blend of grains and seeds and a procedure that would produce an excellent Multi-Grain Cereal.

Multi-Grain Cereal with Yogurt and Jungle Honey


Wheat Berries
Brown Rice
Flax Seeds
Corn Meal
Sesame Seeds
Almond slices

N.B. Start this at night to have cereal ready for breakfast in the morning.

1. Put a handful of wheat berries and a handful of barley in a grinder / blender of some sort and blend for a couple of minutes. It is not necessary to grind them up completely ... I do it mostly to crack the hard grains up a bit so they cook easier.

2. Pour cracked grains into a 2 cup measure and start adding handfuls of the other grains one by one, finishing off with a good spoonful of cinnamon. I also happened to have this big bag of Nopal and Linaza that a volunteer left here recently, so I've been throwing in a couple of big spoonfuls of that for additional health and flavor benefits.

3. Pour the 2-cup measure of grains into a Crockpot. Add 4 cups of boiling water and stir.

4. DO NOT turn on the crockpot. Put the cover on and leave it soaking for the night. I leave the almonds and the raisins close by to have them handy in the morning.

5. At 4 a.m.(or 3 hours before you want to eat the cereal), add a handful or two of the almond slices and the raisins along with 2 more cups of boiling water. Turn Crock Pot to high and leave for 3 hours.

6. Spoon into bowl and top with a generous dollop of home made yogurt and a strong drizzle of raw jungle honey.


I have made it several times now and usually eat it several mornings per week for breakfast. I love it. I find it has a satisfying chewy whole-grainy kind of texture ... a bit of crunch from the almonds and seeds with a nice burst of sweet with the raisins. With a topping of creamy home made yogurt and hearty jungle honey, you can't find a more healthy breakfast.


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