Monday, July 9, 2007


For a variety of reasons, we seldom eat beef. However, I recently discovered that the Despensa (the local supermarket) is bringing in a quality beef product, so I occasionally splurge and cook a dish from the past. I haven't made a lasagna in more than 15 years ... and never here in Peten. I had already done a thorough recipe search, and had cobbled together about 4 different ones to get the tastiest bolognese, the tangiest ricotta filling, the ultimate bechamel topping and the ideal noodle. I used culinary licence to substitute several of the ingredients ... most notably the ricotta cheese for yogurt, which added the most delicious "back note", and will become a permanent change in the recipe. The noodles were the best lasagna noodles I ever ate. I only used half of the batch of noodles, so I froze the other half and will use them to try the dish with chicken the next time.
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