Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kitchen Toys

Can anyone guess what this is?

Hint: its really old and yes, it belongs in the kitchen.

Did you guess before you looked?

Its a hand meat grinder.

And this one is special to me because it has been handed down from my grandmother Carroll ... to my mother ... and now to me. My Mom gifted me with it when I was home visiting with her in June.

This type of meat grinder was manufactured by James Osborne Spong, who started a small family business in 1856 in London, England to make economic household utensils. Apparently his line of grinders for coffee and meat were of excellent quality, since a quick google search shows that lots of people are still using the original ones. This one is very small .... only a few inches high ... but works perfectly.

I have wanted a good hand meat grinder for ages. The only ground meat I can buy here is ground beef ... and I would often prefer to cook with other ground meats. I hope to use it in these next days for a dish I am ready to prepare.


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