Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chicken with Loroco in Cream Sauce

Bit by bit, I'm starting to learn more about traditional Guatemalan cuisine. This dish is an excellent example. It seems like such a basic dish, but the combination of Loroco and cream makes it outstanding! I have never experienced a flavor like it!

I had never eaten Loroco until recently, when I had the good fortune to drop in at the end of a cooking class in "Guatemalan Cuisine" that was being given to the women of the Grupo Femenino Ix-canaan. They gave me a sample of each of the three chicken dishes they prepared that day, and the Pollo con Loroco con Crema was by far the most delicious! I decided in that moment that its unique flavor merited further investigation.

Loroco, called Quilite (meaning "edible herb"), in Mayan, are small, green, unopened flower buds, used as a flavoring agent in Central American cuisine. They are cultivated here in Guatemala, and available at the local market right now. Good timing. I picked some up so I could practice (and eat more of) this dish.

Chicken with Loroco in Cream Sauce
(Pollo con Loroco en Salsa de Crema)


1 chicken leg cut into thighs and drumsticks
4 medium potatoes
1 onion
1/2 sweet red pepper
1 tomato
bay leaves
1 cup of loroco buds
1/2 cup heavy cream
salt, pepper, garlic powder (I couldn't find the fresh garlic at the last moment)


1. Chop onion, 1/2 sweet pepper and tomato and begin to saute in about 2 Tbsp olive oil.
2. Add the sprig of thyme and the bay leaf.
3. Saute until onion becomes translucent, and add chicken pieces to pan.

4. Cover and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
5. Cube potatoes; Add to mixture in pan and mix well.

6. Add about 1 cup water.

7. Cover pan; Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

8. Add loroco to the pan; stir in; cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

9. Add cream to the mixture; stir; heat gently

10. Serve with rice.

The Verdict:

Ricisima!!! I will definitely be making more of this dish, and the flavor of the Loroco was so delicious, that I don't think it would be too much to double it (2 cups) next time I make it.


It sounds really tasty. I had never heard of Loroco before, but if I ever visit Guatemala I'll keep it in mind :D

It looks delicious! I wish I had some loroco here!

The bones give it a better taste than the boneless. I bought loroco in Dallas, it made me feel like home.

Thanks for the recipe! I live in Guatemala City and absolutely love Loroco... I have made your recipe twice already and think it's delicious! I'll be making it again this week now that Loroco is in season again... yay!

I tried using 2 bags (sold that way in Rio Dulce), and it was too much for the recipe. I'm going to try it with my macaroni/cheese/broccoli dish. The taste resembles asparagus. I'd like to know if anyone has a successful drying method. Freezing doesn't work well for me.

wow, that looks delish. I love how you let it simmer for so long. must have incredible taste

I bought bags of it frozen in Texas. They were doing a closeout and I only paid 25 cents a bag.

Can only get my hands on the Goya pickled loroco. Do you think that will work ok?

The pickled loroco will give another flavor. It might be good anyway ... i've never tried it.

I tried this for the 1st time it came out so good!!!!! Thanks for the recipe.... god bless you.... i made it for my parents and they loved it .... i am so going to be doing this again and again!!!!

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