Sunday, June 24, 2007

Honey-Yogurt Pie with Fresh Mango

It's mango season again, and I have been watching for recipes containing fresh mangoes to incorporate into the menu at Gringo Perdido. This recipe originally called for peaches with sugar and cinnamon, which was easily substituted for mangoes ... without the sugar, of course ... the mangoes are super sweet and juicy! The pie has a crust of graham crackers with oatmeal, panela (a local raw dark sugar) and spices. The cold filling is made from yogurt and honey (and gelatin) blended with whipped cream. I used the local cream, which tastes great in this dish but never really whips into "peaks". The grape on top has been soaked in a spicy syrup. I will definitely be adding this to our menu during mango season ... it is delicious!

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